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Bike Service & Repair

Bike Service & Repair


Bottom bracket creaking? Chain making a rattling sound even when well lubricated? Keep getting flat tires and can't find the source? Being driven absolutely mad by a fantom squeak at the bottom of every down stroke? Not only can we diagnose the issue, but we have a large option of services we can perform to get you back on the bike and riding.

Basic Tune-Up


Basic Tune-Up includes:

Brake adjustments

Shifter adjustments

Chain lubrication

Frame wipe down

Advanced Tune-Up


Basic Tune-Up plus:

Wheel truing

Headset adjustments

Hub adjustments

Bottom bracket adjustments

Complete Overhaul


Advanced Tune-Up plus:

Drivetrain removal and cleaning

Drivetrain reinstallation, inspection, and fine-tuning

Find the right time to schedule your bike drop-off for service.

Singlespeed Tune
Safety Check
Bottom Bracket Install
Bottom Bracket Overhaul
Crankset Install
Rim Brake Adjust Per Wheel
Disc Brake Adjust Per Wheel
Brake Bleed (Single)
Brake Bleed (Double)

20Minor Wheel True
30Major Wheel True
90Standard Bike Fit
200Pro Bike Build
300Pro MTB/TT Build
100Bike Assembly
100Bike Transport Dissassembly
100Bike Case Rental
20Chain Install
10Install Tube/Tire
8Install Sealant (per tire)

25Tubeless Setup per Wheel
30Di2 Update
40Dropper Install
90Suspension Fork Service
70Shock Service
140Suspension Package
40New Chain Wax Service
50Used Chain Wax Service
15Reapply Wax
40Kuat Rack Build


Create your dream bike with us, we see your vision, and we say "Yes! And...". From vintage restorations, to fixed gear bar bikes, and highly custom triathlon race rigs, bring us your idea and we will make it blossom. Depending on the rider, many times a custom bike will be more cost effective than a stock bike, as each component of the bicycle is selected specifically for your body, it means less adjustments made at a later date and more time enjoying the ride.