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The Velo bike shop in Phoenix, AZ


Located in Downtown Phoenix's Coronado District, The Velo Bike Shop strives to increase ridership in the metropolitan city center. Having moved to their location on 7th St to be closer to the neighborhoods they serve, The Velo provides exceptional service to the cycling community. Surrounded by murals, on a central street backed by quiet roads full of the homes of proud owners, we encourage you to experience the culture up close and personal - on two wheels! When you are out on your bicycle, we see you. A cyclist breathes the air, can enjoy the perfume of the flowers blooming in the gardens, can wave hello, stop to converse, not be a faceless honk from a climate controlled environment behind tinted windows. Phoenix is a uniquely incredible city for cycling. There are bike lanes lining the ancient canals, large parks with playground-like pumptracks, diverse paved roads with fast paced group rides, and endless gravel paths that cover the entire state. The world is changing, the city is changing, the popularity of cycling in the USA is changing, and Arizona is at the center. Come and be a part of the experience, a part of an inclusive and dynamic community, a part of a interest that will keep you happy and healthy, a part of The Velo Bike Shop.

Meet The Staff

Justin McCloud

General Manager

The Velo's resident maverick, Justin wrenches like he rides - with impeccable skill and flourish. Growing up in Phoenix, he has had plenty of opportunities to send it (he actually comes from a background of competitive skating). Justin spent many years honing his skills as a professional enduro rider and is our resident Suspension Expert. He is a life long learner, always discovering new tricks, trails, tasty snacks, and exuberantly sharing the knowledge. Stop by the shop for a tune-up and you can meet the newest member of his family, Charles Barkley. Charlie is the shop dog and loves to play!

Jeevan Philip

Sales Manager | Bike Fitter

Jeevan is a total Bicycle NERD - Never Ending Research Development. Jeevan's athletic journey began as a swimmer, runner and draft-legal triathlete. He discovered a passion for bike racing while in college pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on Aerodynamics and Biomechanics at the University of Washington. When knowledge meets power, what do you get? In this case an incredible athlete who can compete at a professional level. What is a Category 1 racer with an engineering degree doing working in a bike shop? He is perusing his passions unabashed! Jeevan's science oriented mind, hours of research, and attention to detail, make his bike fittings second to none. In addition, Jeevan is also a Senior Coach at Swim Neptune, a prominent swim team based in Arizona. He is a kind, passionate person, who pursues SPEED relentlessly. He may have a long list of accolades for his athletic achievements, but he would trade those watts if it meant helping those he loves... he will spend hours researching how to get those watts back through marginal gains.

Gilbert Romo


Since The Velo was a fledgling shop, Gilbert was along for the ride. Originally an investor in the shop, he has grown his involvement as The Velo has changed and grown itself. He is a man who likes to invest himself, he grows strong personal relationships, he mentors promising youth to think about the bigger picture, he brings lively small business into downtown. Any bike shop owner knows it is not about the money, it is about joy.